Bar Pro Academy’s professional bartending program was developed by service-industry veterans over 12 years ago to help fill the need for properly trained bar and restaurant staff. Although some bartending courses were available, they tended to be either long and expensive college programs or cheap and illegitimate. Since the emergence of new cocktails, stricter service policies and a more sophisticated clientele created an urgent demand for better-trained service staff, the time for an affordable but comprehensive training program was at hand.

Eight years after it’s creation, the success of Bar Pro Academy’s professional bartending program allowed it to branch off from it’s original local and into it’s new quarters. Bar Pro Academy was created as a Private Career College, completing the Ministry’s strict requirements and passing through their assessment programs and meeting the guidelines for recognition as a professional training facility with all three levels of governments. All of Bar Pro Academy’s trainers are all industry veterans, specialized in their fields. Each of the Academy’s programs was developed by professionals using real-time industry tools and experience so as to best prepare students for the actual industry.

Bar Pro Academy is expanding and will soon be everywhere in Canada and the U.S. As franchises keep bringing proper bar training to new sectors, we will continue in our quest to standardize and improve service-staff performance for all bars, hotels, clubs and restaurants.

Bar Pro Academy is proud to offer you the most comprehensive professional bartender training programs around. Designed to prepare you for the bar and nightclub industry, our programs are taught by industry-trained instructors who will teach you everything you need to know to approach a career as a pro bartender with confidence, competence and professionalism. See our programs section to learn more.

Bar Pro Entertainment can help you liven up your nights by organizing promotional events, bartender competitions and demonstration parties that will thrill your clientele and provide your establishment with a crowd-pleasing (and crowd-drawing) nights of fun.